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Allen & Heath PA12-CP Powered 8 Mono Mic/Line 2 Stereo Mixer

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Added On: Sunday 13 February, 2011

PA Series consoles provide all the tools you need to run a small PA system in an easy 'walk up and go' format. You simply plug in your microphone and line sources and connect to the speakers. All the control and processing you need to run a small PA system is built into the console. The PA12-CP has 8 mono and 2 dual stereo channels. It is portable and includes protective side trims and front carry handles. The PA12-CP can be mounted in a standard 19" rack or plinth by removing its trims and fitting optional rack ears provided. The two amplifiers can be configured in several different ways according to your PA requirements. For example, you may run a stereo house system without monitors, or a mono system with additional musicians monitor speaker, or you may connect to externally powered house speakers and use the internal amplifiers for two independent monitor speakers. The power amplifier is without doubt the most critical device in the audio signal path. It converts a reservoir of power derived from the mains supply into amplified sound. The PA-CP amplifier is a third generation design that has been rigorously field tested both for absolute reliability and sound quality. It uses a solid, no-nonsense 1.6kW linear power supply and bi-polar assisted MOSFET Class AB amplifier design.

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