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12-String Guitar CD "Drawings from the Acoustic Forest"

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Added On: Sunday 27 February, 2011

Wisdom of the Wood - 12-String Guitar - Drawings from the Acoustic Forest by Mickey Cochran This CD is completely dedicated to the 12-String Acoustic Steel String guitar ... Mickey has studied, since his High School days in Santa Fe, an idiom of guitar that has been mostly pursued by underground folk guitarists called: "American Primitive Guitar". First introduced and labeled by John Fahey in the late '50s, American Primitivism (American Primitive Guitar) parallels the visual arts of the same name in that it is pure americana and has homegrown roots as opposed to established art forms that have parameters set from years of provincial rules. Mickey states, "This approach to guitar is largely free form and is characterized by non-standard tunings as played on the medium of steel string acoustic guitar". Other exponents of this style include: Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, Jorma Kaukonen and Stefan Grossman. 1. The Water Song Tuning: Open G (Jorma Kaukonen) 2. Loch Lavan Castle Tuning: Standard (Traditional) 3. White Forest Tuning: Open D (Original) 4. A Farewell to Marcel Tuning: Standard (Original) 5. The Wise Mushroom Tuning: Standard (Original) 6. The Rainbow Song Tuning: Open G (Harold Arlen) 7. The Wheel Song Tuning: Drop G (Norman Petty) 8. The Cloud Song Tuning: Open G (Joni Mitchell) 9. Cripple Creek Tuning: Open G (Traditional) 10. Hummingbird Train Tuning: Drop D (Original) 11. Wayward Voyager Tuning: Standard (Original) 12. Compass of Time Tuning: Standard (Original)

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