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Acorn TD-82 Digital Drum Kit

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Added On: Thursday 24 February, 2011

Product Description

Sensitive durable rubber coated pads capture every hit and provides a fast, active response. Each pad can be individually tailored to different playing styles by adjusting sensitivity, threshold and selecting velocity curves. The pads are mounted to the light weight aluminium stand with angle adjustable fitting mechanisms, so you can place them exactly where you want them.

The included TD82 sound module delivers both quality and choice. 177 high-quality digital percussion instruments are tastefully matched in25 pre-programmed drum kit presets ranging in styles from acoustic live kits to electronic drum machine and synth kits. 5 user presets are available to store any combination of the 177 percussion instruments providing a total of 30 drum kits accessible at any one time. The built-in reverb and chorus effects are fully programmable with a choice of type, level and rate parameters.

Practicing on an accoustic kit without disturbing half the neighborhood has always been a challenge. The TD82 features a headphone socket for this purpose so you can practice in peace. Of course the hit of the pads are still audible but its a fraction of an accoustic kit. We also provide a metronome so you can pratice various tempi from 20-240 bpm. Once you feel comfortable with your performance, go ahead and record it on the internal recorder or play along to one of the 30 style tracks.

When you are ready to take the next step, the TD82 is right there with you. Plug a standard USB cable in to the TD82 sound modules USB socket and connect it to a computer. No drivers are needed, your computer will recognize it straight away (Mac OSX/Win XP or higher). This enables you to expand the sound pallet with sounds from a computer music plug in or drum library. Record straight in to a DAW and start composing/recording music with the band.

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