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HB 11 Pc Double Bass Drum Set Complete Free Ship Purple Haze

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Added On: Thursday 24 February, 2011

HB Drums Original Monster Double Bass Set - HB Voted a "Best Value" in Drums! Magazine

HB Drums USA Debut Instant Rebate Promotion Includes FREE PCH Series Hardware, Drum Throne,Drum Stands & Pedal + FREE HB Practice Cymbal Pack & FREE Continental USA UPS Shipping - Over $800 Savings!

Now Offering Fully Customizable Options Made in America!

HB's Predator 2.0 Custom USA Series 11 Pc Double Bass Drum Set Offers The Full Range of Our 6 Ply 6.5mm Birch Shell Drums.

The Predator 2.0 Series offers cool new high gloss finishes, custom options with precision cut bearing edges and workmanship - Without the Custom Price & Delay!

Check out the specs and you'll see that HB Drums USA offers more for less$$!
*6 Ply 6.5mm Birch Shells

*Custom Shell Depths

*45 Degree Reak Precision Bearing Edges

*Lifetime Warranty

*Customized-Built & Shipped As Quick As 48 Hours

*USA Made from American & Globally Sourced Components

Customized Drum Shell Style Cuts - An HB Drums Exclusive!

HB will "Hot Rod" Your Drum Set The Same Day of Order!

Get the best performance for YOUR Style Without Compromise


2-22x16 Bass
8x7 Rack Tom 1
10x9 Rack Tom 2
12x10 Rack Tom
13x11 Rack Tom 4
14x12 Rack Tom 5
15x13 Rack Tom 6
16x16 Floor Tom 1
18x16 Floor Tom 2
14x5.5 Snare Drum

HB Drums - The Leader in Drum Set Value Featuring premium birch woods and quality hardwareThis set is modeled after the original Predator series, one of the most popular models on the market for the past decade.

The similarity ends and the performance begins with HB Drums new state of the art US

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